CCSN president & CEO Jackie Manthorne’s presentation at the 2014 CAPO conference!

Jackie Manthorne, President & CEO of CCSN, attended and was invited to make a presentation at the 2014 conference of the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology in Winnipeg, April 30-May 2. The 2014 conference brought together interdisciplinary professionals to explore, share, learn and discuss the psychosocial aspects of cancer. CAPO’s annual conference convenes researchers, clinicians and community-based organizations from several professions, including: medical, psychiatry, nursing, psychology,

Prostate and Breast Cancer Survivors Unite Over Shared Health Concern

June 2, 2013 – Today, prostate and breast cancer survivors from across the country are marking National Cancer Survivors Day by shining a light on the importance of bone health in advanced cancer, and encouraging other survivors to talk to their physicians about protecting their bones. “It’s not often that breast and prostate survivors come together, but when they do, you can bet there’s an