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CCSN’s The Science of Cancer Course is A Must! The Colorectal Cancer Resource & Action Network (CCRAN) is very proud to include CCSN’s “The Science of Cancer” Course as a prerequisite learning to our annual “My Colorectal Cancer Coach” Training & Certification Program. Our 12 Cancer Coaches must enroll in the course prior to the annual training and certification conference in order to competently and confidently acquire content acumen across the continuum of colorectal cancer care. CCSN’s “The Science of Cancer” curriculum thoroughly prepares and equips our Colorectal Cancer Coaches with the knowledge base, skills and tools they will require as they undergo intensive training for six days by 20 experts in the management of colorectal cancer.

Thank you CCSN for this invaluable offering!

Filomena Servidio-Italiano
President & CEO, CCRAN

Course Info

CCSN has designed an online course which will help prepare you for a variety of exciting opportunities to have your own voice heard within healthcare discourses and practices. Your position as an insider within the healthcare system means that you can provide a unique perspective on healthcare policy, research, and practice, ultimately improving how the system operates.

The Science of Cancer provides individuals who have been affected by cancer with the necessary tools, skills, and background knowledge to confidently participate on peer review research funding committees, patient and family advisory councils, and other such bodies where important decisions are being made about cancer diagnosis, treatment, and research funding.

Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate and be added to a list of candidates for potential recommendation by CCSN for unique patient engagement opportunities within their community or in the wider Canadian healthcare system.


This course is FREE of charge to Canadians who meet the course requirements!


Everyone learns at a different pace but we anticipate it should take approximately 8 hours to complete all modules. There are no deadlines and the course is entirely online so you are free to work at your own pace whenever it is convenient for you.

Course Requirements

  • A desire to improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors living in Canada
  • Resident of Canada, 18 years of age or older
  • High school diploma
  • High speed internet access (a laptop or desktop computer will provide the best experience)
  • A personal connection to cancer (such as a patient, survivor or caregiver)


  1. The Social Determinants of Health
  2. Introduction to Basic Research Concepts
  3. Introduction to Cellular Biology
  4. Genetics: One of the Key Determinants of Cancer
  5. Altered Signalling and Tumourigenesis
  6. Epidemiology
  7. Drug Design Pipeline
  8. Immunotherapy
  9. Clinical Trials
  10. Evaluating Scientific Evidence

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