The other lung cancer risk that is not often discussed

The discussion around lung cancer, especially during November, often revolves around smoking. After all, smoking has received the most attention because it continues to be the biggest risk factor in getting lung cancer. While this attention is much needed, it also adds stigma around lung cancer. After all, those who have it have made a personal choice to smoke, and now they are experiencing the

Start breast cancer screening at 40, add supplemental screening, says Dense Breast Canada Doctor

The guidelines on breast cancer screening need to be changed.  Dr. Paula Gordon with Dense Breasts Canada recently chatted with us about breast density and how it complicates getting tested, but she adds there is another part to making sure the cancer is caught early.   “17 percent of breast cancers occur to women aged 40 to 49. Although breast cancer is less common in younger

Quebec Election 2022

Candidates are invited to answer the following two questions about cancer care and health care in Quebec. 1. Lung cancer screening If you win this election, will you: A. Create a permanent, fully funded lung cancer screening program that covers all regions of Quebec? B. Add new lung cancer screening sites as quickly as possible? C. Publish the results of the lung cancer screening pilot