CCSN Election Campaigns

CCSN engages all candidates in provincial and federal elections to address patient concerns around health and particularly cancer issues and solutions.

CCSN works with patients and survivors to frame questions about cancer care and healthcare issues nationally or in their province or territory. Once questions are prepared, CCSN sends them to all political parties and to all candidates for these parties. Responses are posted on our website and disseminated through our blog and social media.

Patient/survivor advocates also use CCSN’s questions during all-candidates meetings and when they meet candidates at the door or in their offices.

Once the election is over, CCSN conducts follow-up and works with governments and opposition parties to promote improvements in healthcare and cancer care.

To become a Canadian Cancer Survivor Network patient/survivor advocate and to work closely with CCSN on federal election campaigns and the next election campaign in your province or territory, contact us at