Wilms Tumour Blogs

Aleyna’s Fight Against Wilms Tumour

Aleyna is 6-years-old and was recently diagnosed with a kidney cancer called Wilms Tumour, or nephroblastoma. Her right kidney has been removed and she’s currently receiving chemotherapy. They are chronicling her experiences , in her own voice, and will link these updates automatically to Facebook.

Dustan’s Life

This blog was created so that all concerned friends and family members of Dustan Colyer can exchange information and coordinate support for the Colyer family. Dustan has faced surgery and treatment for Wilms’ Tumor on and off since December 2000.

Eve vs. Wilms

Eve was diagnosed at age 2 with bilateral Wilms Tumor (cancer of the kidneys), focal anaplasia, in October 2009. She underwent 12 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy before having a nephrectomy in January 2010, followed by radiation therapy and more chemo at Duke Children’s, completing treatment in May 2010.

The Luckiest

Krissy’s son, Austin, was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor in 2007 and she blogs about his fight with cancer.

Mazz’s Family Blog

Marian’s eldest daughter, Alexandria was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour when she was 4.5 years old in March 2009. This is her families battle with Alexandria fighting childhood cancer.

Nicole Scobie

Nicole noticed a lump on her son, Elliot’s abdomen in September 2011. Elliot was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour. He is now in remission, but the treatment’s goal is to cure him.


Greg is a double cancer survivor at the age of 33. He was diagnosed with a stage 4 Wilms’ tumour at the age of 7. Again, he was diagnosed with Dukes B bowel cancer at age of 30. He beats cancer again but he has struggled with the emotional effects this time round. He recently received his 2 year all clear and has decided that now is the time to follow his dreams and travel the world with the aim of inspiring those affected by cancer.

Our Super Star!

Ian was diagnosed with a stage 3, Favorable Histology, Wilms Tumour on July 19, 2005. At age 3 1/2, He has been a real trooper through all the surgery & medications, so far….

Ian has been off treatment for 6 years! Next check up January 2013!

Sweet Life With Boys

The blog started out as a way to keep family members up to date on their growing children, but grew into a journey into childhood cancer. Their middle child David (who has Down Syndrome) was diagnosed with stage four Wilms’ Tumor Cancer in November 2011. He finished chemo and radiation in July 2012, and they covet your prayers that his scans will continue to show that he is cancer-free.

Welcome to Emily’s Straberry Patch

In October 6, 2003, Emily was diagnosed Stage 1 Favorable histology, Wilms tumour. She beated the cancer twice, and in January 29, 2010 Emily was 5 years off treatment and cancer free!