Vaginal Cancer Blogs

Cancer Compass – Discussion Board

CancerCompass was created due to the extraordinary potential of the web to offer information and interaction to people who have been touched by cancer. This site includes Cancer News, Message Boards, Blog, and Resources.

Confessions of a Cancer Patient

Carol was diagnosed with a rare form of vaginal cancer in November 2010. This blog served as a diary of her progress from the start of her treatment to palliative care at the end of her life. She detailed the treatments she received, as well as how she felt each day.

The Dancer with Cancer – Yikes, Vaginal Cancer!

Anna was a dance instructor who was diagnosed with vaginal cancer in August 2012. She has been free of cancer since December of 2012.

Happy Smiling Cancer Girl

Amanda was diagnosed with Stage 3 Vaginal Cancer in January of 2012. It eventually spread to Stage 4B, and after undergoing treatment, she has been declared to have no evidence of disease. This blog is a way for her to share her thoughts and her journey with others.

Nobody’s Cancer

A 32 year old with a relatively rare vaginal cancer, supposedly curable, but devastating nonetheless. Nobody’s Cancer is her experience of living with cancer, being a cancer survivor, and dealing with everything else that gets thrown at you. It has been 6 years since her diagnosis, and she is now cancer-free.

Suvanna’s Cancer Blog 1

December 2011 – Stage IVb adenocarcinoma found on the upper front vaginal wall, slightly below the cervix, moving into the urethra/bladder. Local metastases in at least one lymph node, the pelvic bone, and the left hip joint. “The risk of distant metastases very, very high.” Suvanna received six weeks of intensive radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Suvanna’s Cancer Blog 2

August 2012 – The above-mentioned treatment eliminated the cancer in her pelvis, but metastatic nodules were found in her lungs. They grew quickly and eventually spread throughout her body. Throughout all this, she remained positive and posted regularly to her blog until her passing in September of 2013.

WHAT Kind of Cancer?

Dee was diagnosed with vaginal cancer in end of 2011. Shortly afterwards, her husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. In this blog, she grapples with the realities of her daughter having two parents with terminal cancer. She hopes that people are able to find helpful, or at least relevant, information through her blog.