Canadian Melanoma Organizations

Alberta Society of Melanoma – The Alberta Society of Melanoma endeavors to provide information, resources, and support for people living with Melanoma. They also strive to promote and foster research, advocacy, and awareness to this often misunderstood form of cancer.

Save Your Skin Foundation – The Save Your Skin Foundation was created by family, friends, and colleagues of Founder Kathy Barnard. Kathy has fought her own battle with melanoma. Their immediate goal is to raise overall awareness of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. They are also committed to providing melanoma patients with access to information about available treatment options, including hard to find trial options. Many treatments are still in the experimental stages but are having great results.

Douglas Wright Foundation – The Douglas Wright Foundation is a charitable organization devoted to fighting melanoma cancer in Canada by increasing awareness, educating the public about early detection and preventative measures, and fostering partnerships between likeminded organizations.

Canadian Melanoma Foundation – The Canadian Melanoma Foundation is a non-profit organization. It relies on the generous donations from those who care about cancer research, prevention, and cure. You can truly make a difference. Your donation can help us develop a better future for our cancer patients.

Canadian Skin Patient Alliance – The CSPA is a not-for-profit organization that provides education, information, a supportive online community, and opportunities to create and join local support groups for all Canadian skin patients. The CSPA also provides physicians and researchers with access to patients and their concerns regarding skin health.

Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation

The Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation is an organization dedicated to eliminating skin cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research.

Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation
P.O. Box 67178 Meadowlark RPO
Edmonton, AB
T5R 5Y3
Telephone: 780.423.2723
Twitter: @CdnSkinCancerFd
Facebook: Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation
YouTube: CanadianSkinCancer

Canadian Dermatology Association

The Canadian Dermatology Association, founded in 1925, represents Canadian dermatologists. The association exists to advance the science and art of medicine and surgery related to the care of the skin, hair and nails; provide continuing professional development for its members; support and advance patient care; provide public education on sun protection and other aspects of skin health; and promote a lifetime of healthier skin, hair and nails.

1385 Bank Street, Suite # 425
Ottawa ON
K1H 8N4
Telephone: 613. 738.1748
Toll Free: 1.800.267.3376
Fax: (613) 738-4695 or 1.866.267.2178
Twitter: @CdnDermatology
Facebook: Canadian Dermatology Association
YouTube: CanadianDermatology

Melanoma Network of Canada

The Melanoma Network of Canada is a national organization which coordinates educational and prevention efforts, provides a strong voice for advocacy, and assists in efforts to target funding for melanoma research. The Network works to raise public awareness provides education, and funds research to increase awareness of malignant melanoma and skin cancer.

Melanoma Network of Canada
1155 North Service Road West, Unit # 11
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 3E3
Telephone: 905.901.5121
Twitter: @MelanomaNetwork
Facebook: Melanoma Network of Canada
YouTube: MelanomaCanada
Instagram: StridesForMelanoma

David Cornfield Melanoma Fund (DCMF)

The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund was established in 2007 and is devoted to saving lives from melanoma by promoting awareness of this potentially deadly disease. We were thrilled to officially launch the Fund and its new logo at our Friends and Family Event on June 16th 2008.

The DCMF is devoted to saving lives from melanoma through prevention and research. Our objectives are:

  • Promote awareness of melanoma and the importance of prevention and early self-detection.
  • Provide funding and support for education and research into the causes, controls, and cure of melanoma and melanoma related disease.

David Cornfield Melanoma Fund
Attn: Elyse Sunshine or Michelle Bilboe
123 John Street, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2E2
Telephone: 647.393.DCMF (3263)
Twitter: @DCMFCanada
Facebook: David Cornfield Melanoma Fund