Thermography not authorized to screen for breast cancer

Thermography has been in the news lately it is increasingly being used for breast cancer screening although it has been called into question by a recent CBC News investigation, which showed that some clinics offering thermography, which uses a heat-sensitive infrared camera, can detect indications of breast cancer much earlier than mammography. Health Canada is

For Men with Prostate Cancer, Sex Still Matters

Canadians underestimate difficulty of coping with prostate cancer’s impact on sex life   TORONTO Nov 29, 2012: Two recent Leger Marketing surveys probing Canadians’ perceptions of the most difficult things to deal with if faced with a diagnosis of prostate cancer illustrate a significant gap in appreciating quality of life issues associated with the disease. For instance,

CCSN calls for timely access to targeted bone therapies for patients with advanced prostate cancer in BC

November 12, 2012 – The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is deeply concerned that men, in British Columbia, with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to their bones are not receiving the same evidence-based care as patients in other provinces.  Patients in British Columbia are being denied access to bone targeted treatment at the appropriate time in