Stomach Cancer Blogs

Debbie’s dream foundations – Stomach cancer survivor stories

Individual stories about those who survived their fight with stomach cancer.

Debbie’s dream foundations – Curing stomach cancer support community

A forum to connect patients, families, friends and caregivers of stomach cancer.

No stomach for cancer

A list of blogs with a diverse range of experiences with stomach cancer and provides resources for patients to create their own blogs.

Blog for a cure

A list of blogs about stomach cancer.

Indigestibly – No stomach, no problem

Jessica Mackenzie tested positive for the CDH1 mutation. Indigestibly is a creative non-fiction take on her personal experiences with Diffuse Gastric Cancer and the CDH1’s impact on her life.

The Kuchinskis – This is our fight

Megan Kuchiniski writes about her experience with stomach cancer before she passed away in March 2013; her husband, Adam, continues to update the blog sporadically.

My stomach cancer symptoms – Stomach cancer blog

Regularly updated information about stomach cancer diagnosis, treatments, prognosis and other relevant pages.

Cancer research UK – A bug’s life: H. pylori and stomach cancer

Part of a series that looks at the stomach bug H. pylori and how it’s linked with cancer.

The cancer forums – Stomach and esophageal cancer forum

A website for discussions about any type of cancer including stomach cancer.

Cancer compass – Stomach cancer discussions

A forum for patients to research topics, post questions and find their answers.

American society of clinical oncology – Progress and timeline

The Cancer Progress lets patients learn more about the historical pace of research for stomach cancer.


Lauren was 24 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 gastric cancer. She is a wife, mom of three children and an English teacher at a high school.

FOODIE WITH NO STOMACH – Life After Total Gastrectomy

Rachel‘s father was diagnosed with gastric cancer. His mother also died of a similar cancer. Her two uncles tested positive as carried of the gene, and underwent total gastrostomies as a preventative measure. So far, Rachel’s sister, her one of cousins and Rachel have been tested. Her cousin and Rachel were both positive. Following her first endoscopy in November 2013, the doctors found cancer cell growth in the biopsies they took from her otherwise healthy looking stomach. She was 25 years old.

Gastronomically Speaking

In December 2010, Jenn found out that she is a CDH1 mutation carrier. This blog is here to help her record and mentally digest her journey and to share her story with family, friends, loved ones and anyone who is interested.

Life Without a Stomach

In December 2012, Marne learned she had the CDH1 gene mutation. After losing her father, aunt, grandmother and others in her family throughout her life, she knew she was not going to let stomach cancer beat her. On June 7, 2013 she had a total gastrectomy. Marne shares her story, in the hopes that it helps others who are preparing for or dealing with a TG and CDH1 mutation.

Living, Loving, Laughing and Fighting

Lisa is a wife to Kyle, a mom to Livia and Grady, and is a realtor who lives in Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Gastric Cancer in December 2014.


Kerry was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer and was given 6 months to live. That was 7 years ago. She is an amazing example of the human spirit and its power to overcome incredible obstacles. This is a blog started and maintained by four children who write about love, happiness, hope, strength and how their mom finished her 7 year fight with gastric cancer from 2008-2015.


Chesney is #5 of six children and 3 siblings with HDGC CDH1. HDGC CDH1 is a genetic mutation that raises the risk of diffuse gastric cancer by up to 80% and lobular breast cancer by up to 60%. She was diagnosed with diffuse gastric cancer in December 2015.

Ribbons & Rotor Blades

Melanie was unexpectedly diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma cancer in February 2006 at age of 21. She undergoes the most intense surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. In May 2015 Melanie and her husband Nick were welcomed baby boy, Jaxon.

Steve Dang

In October of 2013 their lives and even the content of this blog took a little detour when Steve was diagnosed with a cancer-causing genetic mutation called CDH1 which will lead to a prophylactic total gastrectomy on March 6, 2014.

Young and Stomachless [One girl’s journey through a Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer diagnosis and life without a stomach]

Adriana is 21 years old from central Maine and going to college in Iowa. Her family is prone to a hereditary form of gastric (stomach) cancer caused by a genetic mutation. She lost her father to this disease in 2006, when she was 13 years old. He was only 46. Ag age 16, Adriana learned through genetic testing that she inherited the same mutation in the CDH1 gene that took her father’s life.

The Weeping Jar

Liz’s husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer just 11 months after they were married. The Weeping Jar is her blog about living with cancer from a caregiver’s perspective.