Breathe Hope Research Group Launches Lung Cancer and Anxiety Survey

The following is a letter from the Breathe Hope Research Group

Dear Canadian Lung Cancer Patients,

A group of lung cancer patients is conducting this survey with a common interest in research on lung cancer.

Anxiety, fear and worry are common concerns among lung cancer patients. While mental health has been studied amongst cancer patients in general, there is little information about lung cancer. We (the Breathe Hope Research Group) are doing a pilot survey to gather some basic information that might be used to generate more interest in studying this area as well as advocacy for more support and resources for the mental health of lung cancer patients.

The survey will ask some questions about your experience with lung cancer and its impact on your well-being. It will take about five minutes to complete and is anonymous. Information will only be presented in an aggregated fashion.

The survey will be open until February 6, 2023. Click here to complete the survey.

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