Retreat Yourself Adventure

Retreat Yourself Adventure gives young adult cancer survivors and supporters a chance to tackle survivorship issues while ziplining and hiking in Newfoundland on an Adventure that will push their limits and challenge them physically and mentally.

Cancer does not stop after the last chemo drop, it takes time to recover from treatment, process what happened, and figure out what’s next. Once treatment is over, appointments are not as frequent, the body is healing, the physical strength improves, and expectations of what and how things should be creeps in. You have to deal with so many transitions and face a lot of questions. Getting back into a groove is not always as easy as we would like, but it is possible.

Retreat Yourself Adventure aims to help you navigate that unsettling phase. Together, we’ll go on an amazing adventure where we’ll take time to address what it means to be in that zone, and how to transition from it. We want you to leave this Retreat feeling empowered, both physically and mentally. You will gain tools and feel supported so you can move forward in or beyond your cancer experience.

This program is for those who are less interested in sitting around a cozy retreat centre and are more interested in discussing their cancer experiences while speeding through the forest in a harness or hiking difficult trails. The activities aren’t going to be easy, so you need to feel confident your body can take four days of real adventure activity.

For this program, it is important not only to fit the basic criteria but to also be in the right space mentally and physically. The bulk of the program will be demanding and we want you to live the full experience.

You are:

  • Young adult cancer survivors between 18- and 39-years-old who were diagnosed between 15- and 39-years-old. You can bring one supporter who is also between 18 and 39.
  • You have to be at least one year post-treatment and up to a maximum of five years post treatment. (If this is not you but you think you can take the challenge physically, connect with us.)
  • You have to be in good and stable health.
  • Some spaces are tentatively reserved for survivors and supporters who have never been to a YACC event, and a few more spaces will be set aside for alumni. All applications are approved on a first come, first served basis, so don’t delay!