Food as Medicine

This event is put on by Canada 2020

Food is essential to health and wellbeing. Yet, 5.8 million Canadians are experiencing food insecurity, meaning they struggle to access the food they need due to financial constraints and other challenges. The escalating cost of living seen across Canada (and much of the world) will only escalate this issue. Food insecurity has serious implications on health and wellbeing, which leads to a large burden on the health care system.

Food insecurity is considered a social determinant of health – but can public policy “treat” the upstream causes rather than the symptoms? The concept of ‘food is medicine’ is emerging as an innovative framework through which policy could treat food as healthcare. Can it help reduce the burden food insecurity places on our health care system in Canada?

On Wednesday, April 26, join Canada 2020 in Ottawa for a timely conversation on ways that public policy can prioritize reducing food insecurity, improving access, and building a healthier future for all.