Ontario Health Coalition

The Ontario Health Coalition is a network of over 400 grassroots community organizations representing virtually all areas of Ontario. Our primary goal is to empower the members of our constituent organizations to become actively engaged in the making of public policy on matters related to health care and healthy communities. To this end, we seek to provide to member organizations and the broader public ongoing information about their health care system and its programs and services. Through public education and support for public debate, we contribute to the maintenance and extension of a system of checks and balances that is essential to good decision-making. We are an extremely collaborative organization, actively working with others to share resources and information. We are a non-partisan group committed to maintaining and enhancing our publicly-funded, publicly-administered health care system. We work to honour and strengthen the principles of the Canada Health Act.

Our members include over 50 local health coalitions in communities across the province; local health action committees; health professionals’ organizations; physicians that support Medicare such as the Medical Reform Group; medical students’ groups that support Medicare; non-profit service providers; health sector unions; women’s groups such as the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, the Older Women’s Network, Canadian Pensioners Concerned, Immigrant Women’s Health Centre, Voices of Positive Women; seniors’ groups including the Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizens Organizations, CAW retirees, the Alliance of Seniors/Older Canadian Network, low income and homeless peoples’ organizations including Low Income Families Together, Food Share of Metro Toronto, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty; social service organizations; workers’ advocacy organizations; ethnic and multiracial minorities; the Ontario Federation of Labour; and other organizations such as the Canadian Council of South Asian Seniors (Ont.), the Association of Neurologically Disabled, Ontario Coalition for Social Justice, Social Planning Council of Metro Toronto, Native Women’s Resource Centre, Aids Action Now, Birth Control and Venereal Disease Centre, the Canadian Federation of Students (Ontario division), Oxfam Canada and the Injured Workers Resource Centre, among others.

The Ontario Health Coalition is very involved in several advocacy campaigns, so check their website on a regular basis for campaigns in which you can become involved.

Ontario Health Coalition

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