Our Team

Find out all about CCSN’s staff, student interns and volunteers!
And if you would like to do your internship or volunteer with us, please email info@survivornet.ca


Jackie Manthorne, President & CEO
Contact – jmanthorne@survivornet.ca

Kati Oliver, Program & Projects Manager
Contact – koliver@survivornet.ca

Ashley Mahoney, Program & Project Assistant
Contact – amahoney@survivornet.ca

Chad Scanlan, Communications & Social Media Coordinator
Contact – cscanlan@survivornet.ca

Charity Chavez, Bookkeeping
Contact – accounting@survivornet.ca

Martin Dufresne & Michele Briand, Official Translators
Contact – info@survivornet.ca

Current Volunteers

Francine Lanoix, Translation Revision
Contact – info@survivornet.ca

Ryan O’Meara, Curriculum Development Committee
Contact – info@survivornet.ca

Peter Wilton, Curriculum Development Committee
Contact – info@survivornet.ca

How to reach us

Mailing Address

Canadian Cancer Survivor Network
1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210
Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5

Phone – 613-898-1871
Email info@survivornet.ca

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@Survivornetca – our main twitter account of information, news and resources on all cancers
@Bestbreastnews – information on breast health and breast cancer
@Prostatepost – news, events and resources on prostate cancer
@Canadianmeso – details on asbestos and mesothelioma
@Lungcancercan – focuses on lung cancer news, events and awareness
@CCSNpoli – general, non-partisan talk about the politics of healthcare and cancer care
@Medmarijuanacan – news and information regarding medical marijuana
@Stomachcancerca – information and resources on stomach cancer
@Cervicalcanca – information and resources on cervical cancer
@Melanomacan – information and resources on melanoma


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