World Cancer Day 2012, Part 2

Why does the world recognize a cancer day every year?

Certainly because cancer is still a killing disease in this world.

Personally, as President and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, I recognize cancer is a killer but I will not recognize one world cancer day because cancer patients die every day of the year.

Despite millions upon millions of dollars, there is no cure for cancer. In the north, cancer has become a chronic disease; but not quite.
Two of my friends died of metastatic cancer in 2011; first world friends, how many of yours have died? Even in the north, cancer is not really a chronic disease. 30% of those of us diagnosed with cancer will eventually be diagnosed metastatic.
And in the south? Most of us are diagnosed Stage 4.
How brutal, how global!
How unfair.

So let us remember that World Cancer Day is every day.

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