Welcome to my Cancer Blog

I am a healthcare consultant, a cancer care advocate, someone who has worked for over a decade in the cancer community.

I started in the breast cancer community, working with patients and survivors, and met many women and men and their families who had their lives changed by breast cancer.

I worked with young women, who told me that “nothing fit me.”

I worked with rural women, who told me that they chose mastectomy over lumpectomy because they couldn’t afford to travel to the city for radiation.

I worked with women with metastatic breast cancer who told me that they felt left out of October, that breast cancer awareness month did not raise awareness of the approximately 30 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer who went on to become metastatic.

Now I feel the same passion about all cancers, about men and women and children who get cancer when they are young, who live in rural regions, who are diagnosed or become metastatic.

Please join me here, where we can work together to make a difference.

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