Share your story about the impact of a brain tumour with elected officials!

My Story, Your Story – Let’s Tell Government!

It takes just five minutes to make some very important noise!

Click here , select your province below and then complete a simple form to tell your story to your Minister of Health and the health critics of each political party in your province, as well as all of those in Ottawa. Your story will also be shared with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. This is the first step towards meeting with government officials, across Canada to help make change.  Note: You may receive routine response emails from these offices.

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada wants to send 837 messages to elected officials across Canada in October. That’s one for every Canadian who will be diagnosed this month, which is also Brain Tumour Awareness Month. Share your story today and return to this page often.

Brain tumour awareness among those who make decisions about health care, research and services is critical to make changes like ensuring every brain tumour is counted and that patients have access to the care and treatment they deserve. When you share your story, you help raise this critical awareness. And if you want to do more, check out all the Brain Tumour Awareness Month activities.

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