Quebec Election 2022

Candidates are invited to answer the following two questions about cancer care and health care in Quebec.

1. Lung cancer screening

If you win this election, will you:

A. Create a permanent, fully funded lung cancer screening program that covers all regions of Quebec?

B. Add new lung cancer screening sites as quickly as possible?

C. Publish the results of the lung cancer screening pilot project?

D. Create an effective awareness program in collaboration with the medical community and patient associations?

2. Disruption of cancer care by COVID-19

If you win this election, will you:

E. Ensure that when the next variant of COVID-19 emerges or when the next wave arrives, or in future pandemics or natural disasters, cancer screening, testing, treatment and elective surgeries for cancer will never be disturbed?

Quebec Liberal Party

Quebec Liberal Party Response

Berry Zinga Nkuni, Constituency of Dubuc

Parti Quebecois

Parti Quebecois Response

Guillaume Paquet, Candidate for Brome-Missisquoi

Coalition Avenir Québec

Catherine Blouin, Candidate for Coalition Avenir Québec for Bonaventure