PEI Becomes Latest Province to Sign New Healthcare Agreement

Last week, Prince Edward Island agreed to a new healthcare accord with the federal government, securing an additional $45.1 million over the next ten years. British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec still remain without a new agreement.

When asked about the new accord, federal Health Minister Jane Philpott stated, “They’ve got some great plans there [Prince Edward Island] about how they want to make sure they expand access to home care, and of course they have significant issues like everyone else in the country as it relates to mental health.”

Minister Philpott also mentioned that the federal government is “determined” to finalize agreements with the five remaining provinces.

Challenges Ahead

There still seems to be several key challenges the federal and provincial governments face in regards to securing a new healthcare agreement.

Manitoba recently launched the website to help spread awareness about why they have not signed a new accord. On this website, the provincial government states that, “Over the next ten years, the current federal funding proposal will provide nearly $30 billion less than what the evidence shows is needed to maintain the sustainability of healthcare systems, even with an additional $11 billion targeted funding.”

When asked about the likelihood of the five remaining provinces securing a new accord, CCSN President & CEO Jackie Manthorne said, “It might take some time, but we remain confident that the two levels of government can come to an agreement. It is good to see that both the federal and provincial governments are looking to find the best possible solution for all constituents, and we are hopeful that when all of this is said and done, everyone will be satisfied with the agreement.”

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