Are You a Lung Cancer Patient or Caregiver? Share Your Story & Make a Difference

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is seeking lung cancer patients, survivors and caregivers to interview as part of a new report on Lung Cancer and Equity to be released later this winter. Share your lung cancer story to help bring to life the findings of this new report.

How will you be involved?
We will ask you questions about your lived healthcare experiences focused on what you found challenging in getting lung cancer care and moving through the system. We are also interested in your ideas on how your cancer experience could have been improved.
This report will be shared with decision-makers.

We are seeking lung cancer patients, survivors and caregivers with the following experiences:
Please respond if you identify as: 1) low income 2) or live in a rural or remote community in Canada. (More than one of these elements may apply to you.)

Next steps:
? We will set up a one-hour phone interview to discuss your lung cancer experience, when convenient for you.
? You will be free to answer the questions relevant to your experience.
? These interviews will be featured on our website during winter 2020 and 2021.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please reply by December 18/20.

Please contact:

We value your story to help improve the system for Canadians!

For more information:
Anila Sunnak, Program Manager, Public and Patient Engagement, The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer