Participate in survey on workplace absenteeism and health conditions

Fred Ashbury of Piceps Consultants is working with some colleagues at the University of Wollongong (Australia) on an international research project to design and implement an online survey. The survey focuses on two issues. First, the survey measures the extent of workplace absenteeism and presenteeism (i.e., being at work, but due to a health-related condition are working at a level lower than usual). Secondly, it measures the unique contributions of self-reported health conditions (e.g., diabetes, headache) and non-health factors (e.g., work stress, work engagement, burnout) to the occurrence of presenteeism and absenteeism.

It would be very helpful if you would take part in the survey and forward this invitation to others in your groups (and ask them to forward it to those in their networks as well). All information provided by anyone who participates in the survey will be anonymous. All answers are self-report, and because it is an online survey anyone can withdraw at any time without consequence.

People who finish the survey have an opportunity to register for a draw to win a free IPAD3. Three IPAD3s will be awarded. To register for the draw the person needs to click on the link at the end of the survey that launches them into a new and unrelated browser window to complete a brief form that asks for their name and email address. This information is necessary so the winners of the draw can be contacted and arrangements made for delivery of the IPAD3. Please be assured that data on the registration form cannot be associated with the survey data as they are completely separate activities. Furthermore, only the project team members will know who completed the form to enter the draw. The data from the online entry forms will be destroyed following the draw to be held on June 30, 2012.

Your participation in this research project is very much appreciated. Please also consider forwarding this invitation to those in your LinkedIn network so we can optimize the number of completed surveys. To enter the survey, please click on the link below. Thank you for participating in the research project.

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