Nir Hagigi

Public Policy Analyst

Nir Hagigi is currently a student at Carleton University pursuing a Bachelor of Global and International Studies with a specialization in Global Development and a concentration in Economics.

Through his studies, along with a minor designation in Women and Gender Studies, Nir is a strong advocate with a dedicated passion to cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. He also gained valuable experience as the Lead Community Outreach Organizer for Starbucks in the National Capital Region, where he oversaw a major fundraiser across 25+ locations to raise money for Camp Quality, a nonprofit organization that sends kids affected by cancer and their siblings to the camp for free.

As a Public Policy Assistant for the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, Nir engages with policymakers and stakeholders to promote the organizations advocacy initiatives and to raise awareness about the needs of cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers.

Nir is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers through his work with the CCSN. He believes that by working together to promote health and educate others, we can create a more equitable, supportive, and sustainable healthcare system for all.