World Cancer Day 2016 – WE CAN: Work Together for Increased Impact

The global cancer burden can be reduced through synergistic partnerships between governments, civil society and the private sector, that leverage complementary skills, competencies and spheres of influence to accelerate progress on shared goals and aspirations.
By joining forces, civil society organisations, cancer patient advocacy groups and other stakeholders can bolster their advocacy efforts around common issues by creating a united voice for positive change. Collaborating actively with partners in advocacy can also significantly reduce duplication of efforts and ensure the best use of scarce resources, as well as increasing access to policy and political decision-makers.
Promoting active participation in partnerships can also assist with building capacity through the exchange of knowledge and skills. For example,
the International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP) launched its web-based portal on cancer control planning and capacity-building in 2013 ( The ICCP Portal supports sharing of best practice resources relevant to the development, implementation and evaluation of national cancer control plans via a unique online platform. All in the convenience of one place, the portal provides a comprehensive and reliable source of materials for policymakers and cancer planners – the key audience for making sustainable change at a national level.