World Cancer Day 2016 – WE CAN: Mobilize our Networks to Drive Progress


Identifying and mobilising networks to support efforts to reduce the globalcancer burden goals are critical to strengthen advocacy efforts and build capacity through education and training1.
For example, UICC as a founding member of the NCD Alliance recognises the power of working together as a network united in the goal of creating sustained global action on noncommunicable
diseases (NCDs). Through the NCD Alliance, local, national and regional networks of cancer experts and advocates have come together to drive remarkable progress in elevating cancer and other NCDs on the global health and development agenda.
Other key global cancer networks, such as the global coalition Cervical Cancer Action, aim to maximise the impact of those working to stop cervical cancer. Through political mobilisation, the
coalition is increasing outreach activities to expand global support to end cervical cancer, engaging champions from diverse constituencies—youth, cancer, women’s issues, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and health policy— to support a comprehensive approach to
cervical cancer prevention. Building networks of experts can also provide a platform for knowledge exchange. For example, the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer builds capacity in the use of law to prevent and control cancer and other NCDs particularly in the context of developing coherence between health, trade and investment laws, policies and sectors.
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