Webinar – Understanding your health insurance at work

Understanding your health insurance at work
Our last webinar was titled Understanding your health insurance at work, and took place on Thursday, September 24 from 1:00pm EDT – 2:00pm EDT. During this webinar we were joined by private health plan specialist Suzanne Lepage.
Webinar Information
The webinar provided insight into the following aspects of work health insurance for medications, and was followed by an interactive question and answer session.

  • Overview of the structure and operation of Canada’s private drug plan marketplace, including the important distinctions and/or overlaps between private (insurance) and public (government) providers
  • Explanation of the role and place of medication coverage within the supplemental health benefits plans of life and health insurance companies which provide pharmaceutical coverage
  • Identification of the various providers and influencers which contribute to private formulary (lists of drugs which are covered) decision-making and their roles in the system
  • Understanding generally what gets covered, by which plans and under what circumstances and which medications are typically subject to restrictions
  • Guidance on how to determine which medications are covered
  • Exploration of how patients and caregivers can navigate through the complex private plan system including:
    • Who should provide answers regarding coverage and eligibility?
    • What you can do if you run into coverage restrictions/rejections?
    • How should patients interact with the private payer community generally? 
Presenter Information
Suzanne Lepage can help you navigate and develop strategies for the private plan market by leveraging her unique blend of group benefits and pharmaceutical industry experience. Suzanne is a private health plan strategist with strong pharmaceutical industry, group insurance and employer relationships. Her pharmaceutical industry experience as National Manager Private Health Care for Roche Canada complements almost 20 years in the group insurance industry. More information on Suzanne can be found here.

View the YouTube video below: