Webinar – The Cancer Medication Geographical Roulette in Canada

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Webinar Information

This webinar was titled: The cancer medication geographical roulette in Canada. It focused on disparities in provincial reimbursement for cancer medications, and what patients can do about it. The webinar was hosted by 3Sixty Public Affairs’ Gerry Jeffcott. 

The webinar examined the different ways that cancer treatments are managed and funded across Canada, and outlined the impact this has on patients depending on where they live in the country. 

It also featured Susan Turner, a recognized expert who addressed the issues affecting access to new medications. 

Presenter Information
Gerry Jeffcott is a senior associate at 3Sixty Public Affairs who has almost 25 years of health and pharmaceutical policy experience. He is a recognized expert in the Canadian reimbursement review and approval process for new medications and a sought after commentator on relevant policy questions. 
Susan Turner, President of Turner & Associates Inc., is an independent consultant who has been involved in the area of cancer drug access for 10 years. She has worked with the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Cancer Action Network and the Campaign to Control Cancer, preparing reports and conferences and facilitating working groups to take action to improve cancer drug access.