Webinar – Medical Marijuana in Canada: Has Everything Changed?

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Webinar Information

In this webinar, Trina Fraser spoke about the February 24, 2016 Federal Court decision, where Judge Michael Phelan struck down Federal regulations which prevented medical marijuana patients from growing their own marijuana. 

According to the CBC (http://bit.ly/1WJ36DV), Judge Phelan ruled that “the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations were an infringement on charter rights and declared they have no force and effect. But the judge also suspended his declaration for six months to give the federal government time to come up with new rules. The judge was careful to point out that the ruling does not change other laws that make it illegal for Canadians to use marijuana recreationally.”

In this webinar:

•    What does it all mean? 
•    Who can grow at home and who can’t? 
•    What happens now?

Presenter Information
Trina Fraser is a partner with Ottawa business law firm BrazeauSeller.LLP (www.brazeauseller.com). Her business law practice includes advising Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) industry participants on regulatory issues.