Webinar – Colorectal & Anal Cancer

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Webinar Information

This webinar featured Helene Hutchings, chair of Anal Cancer – A Bum Rap: Anal Cancer Support Group and of Hair Donation Ottawa, who spoke about colorectal and anal cancer.

Topics included:

•    Understanding colorectal and anal cancer, including symptoms, risk factors
•    Treatment options, including chemotherapy, radiation and biologics
•    Preventing colorectal and anal cancer


Presenter Information

Helene Hutchings is the founder of Anal
Cancer-A Bum Rap. She was diagnosed with stage 1 anal squamous cell carcinoma just above the ano-rectal junction in January 2010 when she was 43 years old. Currently, she is considered N.E.D (no evidence of disease) and continues to see her medical professionals regularly. She is co-administrator for the on-line, Facebook patient forum ANALWISE, a member of IANS (International Anal Neoplasia Society), founder of Hair Donations Ottawa, and she is also a volunteer with the Colo-Rectal Cancer Association of Canada.