Webinar – Challenges and Innovation in Canadian Access to Treatments and Innovation

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This webinar was hosted by the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network in association with the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) live from the Expert Patient Advocates & 21st Century Therapies Forum in Toronto for an interactive panel discussion on Challenges and Innovation in Canadian Access to Treatments and Innovation. 

Bill Dempster, CEO of 3Sixty Public Affairs, animated a discussion on two topics.
First, the Canadian public and private access environment was discussed by Ferg Mills / George Wyatt of Wyatt Health Management, Suzanne Lepage of Suzanne Lepage Consulting,  and Stephen Frank, Vice President – Policy Development and Health, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

This discussion was followed by a moderated panel on the broader access and innovation context, and featured an update on international access to innovative therapies (presented byNeil Palmer, President & Principal Consultant, PDCI Market Access Inc.), patient support programs (presented by Sandra Anderson, VP, Consulting and Business Development Innomar Strategies) and innovative pathways for access to treatments (presented by Glenn Monteith, Vice President, Innovation & Health Sustainability, Rx&D).

Patient experts were on hand to weigh in on these issues, which was followed by an interactive Q&A session that took questions from webinar participants and those at the meeting in Toronto.