Healthy Communication & Cancer – Webinar

Healthy communication can be a lofty goal at the best of times- and even more so while living with cancer and its stresses. This workshop aims to provide you with practical tools to help build skills in healthy communication and mindful listening. These tools can help decrease stress and increase connection with oneself and others.

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is pleased to have Registered Clinical Counsellor Genevieve Stonebridge from InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care present this webinar. InspireHealth is a Canadian leader in supportive cancer care with medical doctors, clinical counsellors, dietitians, exercise therapists all working together to support you and your family in your cancer experience.

About the presenter:
Genevieve Stonebridge has been working in cancer care since 2010, and with InspireHealth as a clinical counsellor since 2015.?She is passionate about supporting
people living with, through or beyond a cancer diagnosis. With compassion, creativity and openness she believes in meeting patients where they are at. From her personal and professional experience, Genevieve knows how important communication skills are while navigating the health care system and in interpersonal relationships too.

First introduced to Inspire Health in 2001, when she herself was diagnosed with cancer as a young adult, Genevieve was strongly influenced by InspireHealth’s patient-centered approach – especially the benefits of personal reflection and self-care gained through counselling, meditation, movement and fun. Now cancer-free for over 15 years, Genevieve is devoted to creating safe and inspiring places for people to explore their cancer experience. This includes holding space for both the suffering and joys of life.

Genevieve lives in Victoria, BC, with her husband and grey tabby cat Gus. She is a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher in training, and weaves mindfulness into everything she does.


To view the replay of this webinar visit our 2021 Webinar Series page.