Watch the Recording: Toronto Pre-Election Town Hall: Major Health Concerns for Ontarians March 28th

The Ontario Pre-Election Town Hall addressing major health concerns for Canadians was hosted in Toronto on March 28th, 2018 and in Ottawa on April 5th, 2018.

The Town Hall in Toronto was recorded, and is now available for viewing online.

André Picard, Health Columnist for the Globe and Mail, opened the evening and set the tone for the session, sharing his expert knowledge acquired over more than 30 years on our health care system.
We heard from a variety of people with lived experience on their very personal health issues and corresponding challenges accessing timely and affordable life-saving treatment.
We also heard from health and mental health policy experts for the need for policy and system improvements and from politicians who expressed a deep and personal understanding of where our health care system is failing and a sincere desire to improve it.

We also had a very engaged audience who articulately voiced their individual concerns and asked intelligent and insightful questions of our expert panel and politicians.

Here is the link to the town hall recording that we have made available on YouTube: