Watch our most recent webinar! Staying Mindfully Connected and Experiencing Intimacy after a Cancer Diagnosis

Originally broadcast June 28th, 2018

This webinar discusses key elements of how to stay connected, experiencing positive emotions and close relationships after a cancer diagnosis including side effects from treatment resulting in erectile dysfunction, reviewing evidence from neuroscience on data related to meditation and intimacy, and learning practical ways to live an authentic life connected with those you love.
Please note that due to the sensitivity of the question period, we removed the Q&A panel from this recording.

About the presenter:

Gabriela Ilie is a recognized quality of life scientist and professor in Nova Scotia and Ontario with international recognition for her research on quality of life post chronic illness and injury. She has multidisciplinary teaching experience in love and intimacy (social psychology), health psychology, and neuroscience teaching over 25,000 students since 2005 and has been nominated twice TVO’s Best Lecturer.

View the slide deck: