Watch Now! CCSN Webinar on When the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review Says “No,” Then What?

Date Held: May 8th 2020
Presented By: Ryan Clarke LL.B., Founder & President of Advocacy Solutions

In This Webinar:

Ryan reviews important factors in pCODR processes, including:

  • An overview of drug approval and reimbursement processes
  • A closer look at the pCODR process
  • A closer look at the pCPA process
  • Patterns between pCODR recommendations and pCPA outcomes
  • Methodology, findings, and conclusions of CCSN research into pCODR recommendations from 2019
  • What can you do if pCODR says “no”
  • What should you do if pCODR says “yes” (given COVID-19)

Join CCSN and Ryan Clarke LL.B. for this educational session aimed at helping cancer patients and survivors become informed on cancer drug assessments and pCODR processes