Thrombosis next leading cause of death for cancer patients after cancer itself!

Last year, CCSN participated in World Thrombosis Day on October 13 by encouraging its Twitter followers to post selfies of themselves and their friends on Twitter. On February 23, CCSN President & CEO Jackie Manthorne and CCSN Board Secretary Mona Forrest were welcomed by Leo Pharma (, where we had the opportunity to meet Leo Pharma staff and Nicola Banks, Executive Director of Thrombosis Canada ( and were
presented with a cheque in appreciation of our work to raise awareness about the close association between cancer and thrombosis.

Indeed, today we know that cancer is associated with a four-fold increase in thrombosis risk, and that thrombosis is the second leading cause of death in cancer patients, after cancer itself. Risk factors include those related to the tumour (tumour type, clinical stage, use of chemotherapy, use of anti-angiogenic drugs [which starve a tumour by stopping the development of new blood vessels] or erythopoietic growth factors [which stimulate the production of red blood cells], and insertion of central venous catheters), and those related to individual patient characteristics (sex, race, age, previous thrombosis history, immobilization, and obesity). Thrombosis has a significant impact on the morbidity and mortality of cancer; therefore, it is important to identify which patients may be at higher risk than others, especially before starting chemotherapy or radiation or surgery.

CCSN will continue to work with Leo Pharma and Thrombosis Canada to raise awareness about this important risk to cancer patients.