The International Liver Cancer Movement has a new website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the International Liver Cancer Movement !

The International Liver Cancer Movement (ILCM) is the first ever global movement in liver cancer, bringing together patient orgs/communities, medical societies, policy makers, the private sector and other actors to work together, share resources and co-create.

Since its inception in the beginning of 2021, the ILCM has engaged patient communities, international scientific bodies, public health institutions and partnered with organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network and WHO EURO.

The new  website gives medical professionals, patients and their families an easy way to find out more about treatment options, support groups, information, and research – all in one place.

The vision of ILCM is that all liver cancer patients are diagnosed in time, are treated with respect and have equal access to the best standard of medical care, regardless of origin, lifestyle and type of liver cancer.

Their ultimate goal is a world without liver cancer related deaths.

Visit the new website here and take action today!