Watch our webinar titled “Learn about the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA) from its Executive Director, Heather Logan”

CAPCA wants to make sure that patients have access to innovative and effective cancer treatments, and Heather Logan, ED of CAPCA, explains how CAPCA is going to do this and answer your questions about the process. This webinar introduces you to CAPCA and its mandate and to the new pan-Canadian Cancer Drug Funding Sustainability Initiative (DFSI). The goal of DFSI is to ensure that patients continue to have access to innovative and effective cancer treatments, and that the cancer system is achieving maximum value for money invested.

This webinar discusses:

• Why do we need the pan-Canadian Drug Funding Sustainability Initiative (DFSI)?

• What is the Canadian Drug Implementation Advisory Committee (CDIAC)? Who is on the Committee and what is its role in recommending new cancer treatments?

• What roles do patients play in both the DFSI and CDIAC?

• How do DFSI and CDIAC fit into the existing drug approval processes in Canada?

This webinar is chaired by Bill Dempster, co-founder of 3Sixty Public Affairs Inc., a health and pharmaceutical policy expert who works with a range of clients to navigate complex political, policy, regulatory and reimbursement challenges in the Canadian life sciences field.

Our special guest is Heather Logan, who is the Executive Director of CAPCA. She has previously worked as Senior Director at the Canadian Cancer Society. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Health Science in Management and Healthcare from the University of Toronto.


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