Watch free webinar on Canadian private insurance

Canadians are often uncertain about the role and limits of their private insurance coverage. Let’s change that.

The slides for this webinar can be viewed at our Slideshare account. 

For this webinar, we were joined by Suzanne Lepage, private health plan specialist, for a discussion of Canada’s private drug plan marketplace and its overlap with government provided services. She walked us through what to expect in terms of coverage and answer audience questions about private insurance. She broke down the Canadian health care system, helped us understand how insurance and employers interact, and gave us tips for contacting our insurance representatives for more information or to appeal the denial of a claim.

She also gave us a tour of the coming changes to Ontario’s private insurance marketplace with the introduction of OHIP+.

About guest speaker Suzanne Lepage:
Suzanne is a private health plan strategist with strong pharmaceutical industry, group insurance and employer relationships. Her pharmaceutical industry experience as National Manager Private Health Care for Roche Canada complements almost 20 years in the group insurance industry. More information on Suzanne can be found here.