CORD Presents Webinar Debate Series on National Pharmacare


Presented by the Canadian Association for Rare Disorders (CORD)

The biggest changes in over 30 years to drug regulations and drug plans in Canada will be implemented over the next year. Will your access to prescription drugs get better … or worse? Will the Ontario Conservative government’s rollback on OHIP+ (excluding kids with private drug coverage) affect a proposed National Pharmacare program? It’s up to you! Get informed to get involved.

The Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders invites you to learn more about the options for National Pharmacare. Follow this link to our survey to share your opinions. And stay tuned to sign up for our Webinar Pharmacare Debate Series.
Link to survey:


Engage patients and other stakeholders in informed deliberations on key issues that must be confronted in developing a National Pharmacare Programme, including global factors, defining principles, and optimal outcomes.

(Click links below for descriptions and debate points.)

1. Does National Pharmacare mean Same Coverage and Same Public Payer for Everyone? (Aug 8)

2. How PMPRB Regulates New Drug Prices: Will Changes Help or Hurt Access? (Aug 22)

3. Drugs for Rare Diseases: National Pharmacare or Separate Program? (Sep 5)

4. Original and Similar Biologic Drugs: Low Cost, Individual Choice, or Both? (Sep 19)

5. Beyond the Formulary: Smart Pharmacare for 21st Century Therapies (Oct 3)

6. How can “right pricing” support innovation and cost-effective access? (Oct 17)

FORMAT: Panel Debate with Discussion

1. Topic presented as question for debate

  • Different (balanced) perspectives plus a patient perspective
  • Patient: example or opinion to set agenda
  • Perspective 1
  • Perspective 2
  • Survey responses
  • Moderated discussion
  • Q&A with audience (written)
  • Conclusions

2. Polling

  • Pre: 1 – 3 questions at time of registration
  • Present responses from CORD patient survey
  • Post: follow-up questions (parallel pre-survey)

Information on how to register for the webinars and other details will be announced shortly.