Petition Campaigning for Full Coverage of Breast Prosthesis

BodyMedBoutique is a Burlington, ON business providing a specialized service. They cater to people having undergone cancer treatment, offering mastectomy bras and breast forms, post-surgical bras, and products to ease radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

They have started a petition to Ontario Premier Doug Ford; Christine Elliott, Ontario Minister of Health; Jane McKenna, MPP for Burlington; Rick Goldring, Mayor of Burlington; and Marianne Meed-Ward, Burlington Ward 2 Councillor.

This petition is focusing on the fact that Ontario women are only eligible to receive a fraction of the cost of full breast prosthesis by accessing the Breast Prosthesis Grant. However, depending on insurance coverage, part of the balance may or may not be covered. Women on welfare or social assistance are eligible for slightly more coverage from this same grant, but it remains insufficient.

For many women, this will prevent them from getting a prosthesis, which can create psychological and physiological concerns that may create other health struggles.

They argue that the women of Ontario would benefit from receiving full coverage for either a full or partial prosthesis, as this will not only help them feel whole again, but will also prevent other future issues that could incur additional healthcare costs.

Thus, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario is being encouraged to approve full coverage of breast prosthesis for women having had surgery such as a mastectomy or lumpectomy due to a diagnosis of breast cancer or from being born with a deformity of the breasts.


Read more and sign the petition here.