Our latest Webinar is live for on-demand streaming

Our next webinar is entitled “A pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) Update – Optimizing the Process for Patients”. The webinar will be co-hosted by Bill Dempster and Johanne Chambers of 3Sixty Public Affairs. 

The webinar will provide listeners with an update on the fast evolving pCPA, with a focus on its national product negotiation activities. After bringing everyone up to speed on the pCPA’s current status, Dempster and Chambers will examine the pCPA’s impact on patient access to new innovative treatments and consider how it could be improved to ensure that it is meeting the interests of patients.

As part of the discussion, the CCSN’s own Louise Binder will join in to offer a patient perspective on the latest pCPA news and developments. She will explore how to integrate patient voices in the process to ensure that patient needs and values are factored into the negotiations. 

This session is a must for people who want to understand how pCPA negotiations are affecting access to innovative new medications in Canada and how it will be affected going forward.

Slides from the webinar are available here Slideshare