Ontario Election: Questions for Parties and Candidates

Cancer care is poised to be a key issue in the Ontario provincial election on June 2. CCSN is asking three questions of each and every candidate and party in the 2022 Ontario election about what they will do, if elected, to address key issues facing current and future cancer patients and survivors:

  1. How will you ensure cancer care recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic? The disruption to cancer care caused by the pandemic has created massive backlogs of surgeries and a cohort of projected late cancer diagnoses. How will your government deal with this?
  2. Will you expand access to lung cancer screening? Lung cancer has been the top cancer killer in Canada for far too long. As treatment options improve, early detection only becomes more important for long-term survival.
  3. Will you allow women to self-refer for a mammogram starting at age 40? The Canadian breast cancer screening guidelines say that women over 40 should be able to decide to have a mammogram, but many are not able to get a referral.

Responses to theses questions will be posted on our website as we receive them. You will be able to compare the responses of candidates from different parties – including, hopefully, candidates in your own riding. Check back again as the election approaches!