Online Tool to Help Breast Cancer Patients

On June 8th, Be The Choice launched a new, online tool that will help breast cancer patients and their loved ones navigate different treatment options.

Following a diagnosis, patients can access the fully bilingual decision tree to easily move through a series of treatment pathways and decision points.

Key Facts:

  • The decision tree was designed by both medial professionals and patients. If was co-authored by oncologists, surgical oncologists, plastic surgeons and breast cancer patients. It was thoroughly reviewed by a team of medical specialists and cancer survivors.
  • The tree is written in patient-friendly language and all pages can be saved, shared or printed.
  • The tree explains all the treatment options available, particularly in the surgical realm, it neither infantilizes nor overwhelms patients.
  • The three brings together information from all the medical sub specialties including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists and plastic surgeons, in one, easy to access, place.
  • The tree brings together value-neutral resources that inform breast cancer patients of the sequence of possible treatments for disease management.

To access the tool, please visit

To read the full release announcing the Be The Choice tool, please click here.