New online tool helps manage grief

For cancer patients and everyone close to them, grief can be all too familiar. To help with coping, a team of Canadians has created an online website and app.

The Canadian Virtual Hospice Loss and Grief Interactive Tool is a new website and app created as a free online option for people to access grief support.

The tool was developed by an interdisciplinary clinical team and funded by the Manitoba government, with support from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Health Canada, Virtual Hospice aims to help people with advanced illness, family and friends, healthcare workers, educators and researchers all dealing with death.

The program consists of nine modules focused on humanizing the experience of loss, including:

1) Grieving an expected loss

2) What is grief?

3) How has this loss affected me and my family?

4) How can I move through my grief?

5) How can I cope with intense emotions?

6) How can I deal with difficult situations?

7) How can I take care of myself?

8) How do I know if I need more help? Where do I find help?

9) When things start to get better

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