Masks and Butterfly Gala Announces Guests, Date

The following is a release from Unmasking the Reality of Lung Cancer

June 14, 2024

Masks and Butterflies Gala

The new Arthur J.E. Child Cancer Centre in Calgary is a beacon for cancer research. We are fortunate to also have some of the top research project for cancer of the lungs. Joining us at this years gala are:

Evict Radon National Study 
Early Screening for Lung Cancer 
Glans-Look Lung Cancer Database Research 

Supporting Albertans in day to day living Alberta Lung  Cancer of the lungs remains the most common cancer. In 2023 approximately 31,000 people were diagnosed with over 50% at stage IV, 2024 has now risen to 32,100. Smoker, non-smoker that is truly irrelevant. What is relevant: diagnosis in never smokers particularly women, and younger people, is the biggest growth area and most are diagnosed with stage IV. As with any cancer stage IV is the most difficult to treat. As a 3-time survivor of cancer of lungs I have been fortunate to see many great changes but also a continued indifference to this form of cancer. Since my diagnosis the number of people diagnosed has almost doubled.

Lung cancer continues to receive the less than 7% of funding in this country, yet with research and programs like the above lung cancer can be in many cases prevented or at the worst diagnosed early so we can change cancer of the lungs to an inconvenience rather than a death sentence. So much more and meeting the people and organizations who are dedicating their careers to this end, well how can you resist.
We would also like to thank Dorothy and Jordon from Great West Radon for their support even though they are not an official sponsor, but they have donated lung cancer ribbons of hope for the event, attending and work across Canada in support of radon and the Evict Radon National Study.

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