Inspiring Melanoma Patients and Survivors that Hope is Alive

The Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC) has created a video project to inspire hope for melanoma patients and survivors. This video documents testimonials of melanoma patients who received effective therapy and support, and sends the message that Hope is Alive.

Production of this impactful video started on June 6th, in honour of National Cancer Survivors Day. With each cancer survivor comes a unique journey, from understanding the initial diagnosis to undergoing treatments and building a support system; it is through these stories that we can begin to understand what it means to survive melanoma and how MNC positively impacted their outcome through our peer to peer and patient support programs, assisting with drug reimbursement, gaining access to drug trials, receiving patient resources materials and/or attending our educational sessions.

This video aims to share patient survivorship stories by capturing the testimonials of those patients who are lucky enough to have effective therapy, and who received psychosocial support from MNC along the way.

MNC works to raise awareness of melanoma and educate Canadians on the prevention of this terrible disease, and they hope to inspire viewers to take away information about early detection, treatment options, and the belief that there is life beyond a melanoma diagnosis.


Hear their stories: