Help support cancer survivors this holiday season!

Cancer patients and survivors 360: not just fighting the disease, but also the financial, emotional, spiritual, social and work life during and after cancer. 

There are one million cancer survivors in Canada – so there is an “after cancer” life for so many.

How will we live that life? Lifelong medications are expensive, fear of recurrence is pervasive, economic impact can be long-lasting – what can we do about it?  The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is a strong voice to help policy makers understand life after cancer and work on shorter wait times for diagnosis, for the time between diagnosis and treatment, and understand the need for a survivorship plan of care.

We need performance indicators for shortening the long, long process of acceptance of new cancer diagnostic methods, new drugs, innovative technologies, and a fairer way to make essential medications available consistently across Canada.

Patients need a voice to bring issues to the decision-making tables.

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network asks you consider cancer patients and survivors for your holiday giving. Help put improvements in treatment and after treatment on the “important” list, to encourage people, nationally and locally, to help support patients and survivors to raise awareness about patient participation and challenges of life after cancer. 


With your help, we are able to work together to continuously provide support for cancer patients and survivors to better their quality of life.