Clinical Trials Ontario Launches Their New Clinical Trials Finder Tool

Clinical Trials Ontario is committed to developing ways to engage patients and the public with clinical trials, and have recently launched an easy-to-use and unique-in-Canada Clinical Trial Finder.

Built with input from patients, caregivers, and others, this tool can help you find a clinical trial in Canada. It’s a useful resource for anyone looking to participate in a clinical trial, but who isn’t sure how to start or where to go.

The clinical trials database is used by clinicians, researchers, and companies around the world. It provides the public with access to the trials being conducted, though some trials may not be listed on the site or available with Clinical Trials Finder.

The tool uses plain language and provides valuable information for anyone looking to learn more about clinical trials or to find one that is suitable for them.

Using search criteria such as your location, demographic, and condition, the tool will match you with the clinical trials that fit you best. You can include as much or as little information as you choose.

Once you’ve found a clinical trial that seems interesting, contact information for the clinical trial will be provided in the information returned from the search, allowing you to get in touch directly with the people in charge.

You can learn more about clinical trials here.


Find the Clinical Trials Finder here.