Clinical Trials Ontario Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

The need for accurate data in treating cancer is essential and its impact is felt across healthcare in general.

Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) has been providing this information for the last ten years, and now they have the stats to prove it. A decade ago, the Government of Ontario realized that there was a decline in clinical trials activity. In response, CTO was created by the Government of Ontario. This brought together hospitals, universities, industry, research ethics board, and others. CTO’s objective has been to strengthen, promote, and capitalize on Ontario’s advantages for conducting quality clinical trials.

CTO has now published a report on their accomplishments, reporting that there has been a  160 per cent increase in clinical trials in Ontario in 2021. the 4,600 active trials in 2021 is double the ones per capita in the US.

Ontario Minister of Colleges and Universities the Honorable Jill Dunlop said, “This work directly benefits the future of our province and reflects the spirit of innovation and desire to overcome challenges that have always been at the heart of Ontario’s researchers.”

You can read the report here.