CCSN’s Microsite on Bone Health a First!


img6CCSN's bone health awareness microsite was launched on June 2, 2013 on National Cancer Survivors Day. This new site provides information about bone health in advanced breast cancer and in advanced prostate cancer and is the only one on this subject in Canada.

The site contains photos showing our our bone health campaign launches in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver as well as recipes and  more!

Bone HealthBone Complications

  • What is Bone Metastasis?
  • When Cancer Spreads to the Bone
  • Bone Complications

Know the Signs

  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Diagnosing Bone Metastases

Protecting Your Bones

  • Preventing Bone Complications from Bone Metastases
  • Protecting Your Bones: What You Can Do
  • Tips for Talking to Your doctor

Check our Bone Health Awareness microsite now!