CCSN’s Fifth Ontario All-Party Cancer Caucus Meeting Focused on Chronic Pain Issues

L to R: Representative for MPP Bhutila Karpoche, Damien Waddell legislative assistant to MPP France Gélinas, Representative for MPP Laura Mae Lindo, Representative for MPP Mike Schreiner, MPP Daisy Wai, MPP Andrea Khanjin, CCSN public policy coordinator Alex Wyatt, and cancer survivor Vinesha Ramasamy.

On December 5, 2019, Canadian Cancer Survivor Network hosted its fifth Ontario All-party Cancer Caucus at Queen’s Park. The cancer rehabilitation series focused on cancer survivor rehabilitation and cancer pain management, and featured an in-depth conversation on cancer rehabilitative services in Ontario, and treating chronic patient pain in today’s healthcare.

MPPs, experts on cancer pain management and rehabilitation, cancer survivors, and caregivers all took part in sharing their perspectives on the topics.

Jennifer M. Jones, PhD, spoke on the challenges facing cancer survivors.
Dr. David Flemer, MD FRCPC, spoke on the need for specialized cancer pain management, and the need for rehabilitation and wellness programs for patients.
Bone cancer survivor Vinesha Ramasamy - pictured with her mother Jeyamalini Rita Ramasamy, addressed the Ontario All-Party Cancer Caucus on her experience as a survivor, and how dealing with chronic pain and side effects from cancer treatments, impacted her day-to-day life as both a patient, and survivor.
Alex Wyatt of CCSN, spoke on behalf of lung cancer survivor John Peachy, who was unable to attend the day's cancer rehabilitation series. Alex shared John's journey with cancer that covered his diagnosis of stage 4 non-small cell carcinoma, various chemo, immunotherapy, and bone strengthening IV treatments - and how John's support system helped him with managing his pain as a patient.